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La Flora

Le piante e i fiori del Parco Faunistico

In the Faunistic Parck of Spormaggiore, there are many kind of flowers and vegetations typical of the Alpin environment, in this case there are a lot of species adapted to the half-mountain climate. For this reason there are a lot of deciduous plants, for example: beech trees, maples, service trees and oak trees. But in the Faunistic Park there are also coniferes, for example: silver fir,  spruce pine, larches that are upper the wood of pussy willow, hornbeam and downy.

There are also different species of flower that during the spring season give color to the wood, along the paths that connect the different animal visit zones. From alpine saffron, that with the heather shows the awakening of the nature after the winter season, there are also lilies, wild peonies, that we can admire from March to April. In the summer season the wood are full of cyclamen, that are very perfumed. Along the stony and the walls it is possible to admire bladder campion and houseleeks.


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