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Per le scuole

Visite guidate per le scuole

The Faunistic Park promote environmental educative programmes in order to sensitize schools and to support a superior knowledge about natur.

The packet is unique and includes:

  • the visit to the Visitors Centre of the bear near Corte Franca of Spormaggiore;
  • the visit of Faunistic Park in locality Albarè;

For infos or booking, call this number 0461 653662 or complete the request booking form for groups on the page "booking school"


Contact us
Società Parco Faunistico di Spormaggiore S.r.l.
Loc Albarè - 38010 Spormaggiore TN
P.IVA/CF 01900310226
Tel. Mobile : +39 340 6575780
Fisso : +39 0461 653622 (Casa Parco Orso)